Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
SAS DataFly is currently in public beta. We have exciting plans to continue adding features and improving your experience so stay tuned! In the meantime, here are answers to some common questions. If you have any other questions or feedback about features you’d like to see, please contact us at
Can I save my templates?
The next major release of SAS DataFly (planned for late 2021) will introduce user accounts which will allow users to save, edit, and reload their templates.
How can I edit my answers after I've submitted?
Currently, students are unable to edit their responses. In the future, teachers will be able to edit student responses if necessary.
How can I answer more than once?
There is an option when creating the lobby 'Allow multiple entries from a single device' that will allow students to answer the same survey multiple times.
Can I get statistics like line of best fit, mean, median, etc.?
This feature is planned for our next release so stay tuned!
What happens to the student data after it's collected?
After a lobby is closed, all data associated with that lobby will be deleted after 20 minutes. To save student data yourself you can export the data as a .csv using the Download Data link on the host screen.
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