Fifty Flights with SAS DataFly: Flights 11-20
Fifty Flights with SAS DataFly: Flights 11-20
Each week during the 2022-23 school year we'll be promoting a new mini-lesson using SAS DataFly. These short lessons and activities are designed to get educators excited about incorporating data, no matter the subject or grade they teach. Check out the last 10 here
Bar Chart: Votes for New Recreation Center
Imagine your town has extra budget for a new recreation center. What should they spend their money on? Use this activity to introduce ideas around elections and voting. Students can form teams to create arguments for a specific choice and at the end vote on their preference.
Pie Chart: Our Daylight Saving Time Preferences
It seems hard to get a consensus on how Daylight Saving Time should work. Could it be because there are 3 options? What does your class think? Is any one option favored enough to be a majority and if so, which one?
Scatter Plot: Height vs. Jumping
Is there a correlation between how tall students are and how high they can jump? Have students jump and reach as high as they can to place a sticker on the wall. Measure the height of their reach and plot this value against the student height. What patterns do you see? Consider looking up famous basketball players and using your data to estimate how high they might be able to jump.
Pie Chart: Our Favorite Pie Flavors
What's a better pie chart than a chart about pie? Which of these flavors are your students' favorite?
Bar Chart: What We are Grateful For
Many of us are privileged to be part of communities where several of the issues at the core of the Global Goals do not affect us. This activity encourages students to reflect on what they have compared to others around the world. Consider using this activity to inspire a classroom effort to give back towards the goal students were most grateful for.
Bar Chart: Counting Sight Words
This activity is great for introducing data basics while practicing important literacy skills. Have the class read a book together (or read different books independently). After each sentence students should identify which sight words, if any, were present in the sentence they just read. Which words came up the most?
Bar Chart: Coding Experience and Future
This poll gets students thinking about the variety of tech skills they might need in their future careers. Are students who expect to need coding skills more likely to have coding experience? How many students are likely underprepared for the career of their dreams?
Dot Plot: Our Favorite Snow Activities
Is snowy weather in your forecast? Use this simple poll to ask students what snowy day activities they're looking forward to.
Box Plot: Ideal Vacation Temperature
Does our class prefer a warm or cool weather vacation? Are you going sledding or heading to the tropics? Use this poll to see what type of weather students ideal vacation destinations are experiencing. Have students imagine their ideal vacation spot and look up the current temperature in that location. What does the distribution tell you about the class's preferences?
Histogram: Distribution of Dice Values
This lesson is great for introducing normal distributions as well as the difference between expected/theoretical distributions and reality. Give students pairs of dice and have them record values in DataFly as they roll. What does the distribution of the chart look like after each student has done one roll? How does it compare to an expected distribution? What happens after 2 rolls per student…5…10? Note: be sure to enable multiple entries from a single device!