Demo Templates
Demo Templates
These demo templates are great for exploring the features and functionality of SAS DataFly. You can launch these templates to see how each chart works and use a separate or incognito browser to explore the student experience. You can also duplicate and edit a template to make it your own.
Bar Chart: Favorite Season
This bar chart activity offers a simple introduction to bar charts by asking students which season is their favorite.
Scatter Plot: Height vs. Shoe Size
This scatter plot activity is great for introducing the concepts of correlation and outliers. Ask students what patterns they notice when looking at the height and shoe sizes of their classmates.
Bar Chart: Favorite Subject by Gender
This grouped bar chart explores whether favorite subject differs across gender. Students can identify patterns across groups and within groups. Try swapping the "group by" variable to look at the data in a new way.
Dot Plot: Types of Pets at Home
This dot plot activity is a great early introduction to data concepts. Allow students to customize their dots with emojis and colors to see how their data is represented on the chart.
Pie Chart: Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
This pie chart activity will show what portion of the class prefers each flavor of ice cream.
Box Plot: Heart Rate Before and After Exercise
This box plot activity lets students compare two distributions - their heart rates before and after exercise. Have students count their heart beats over 20 seconds and enter this data first. Then ask students to do 1 minute of exercise (jumping jacks, running in place, etc.) and count their heart beats again. Ask students what they notice about the distributions using a 5 number summary.
Histogram: Length of Morning Commute
This histogram activity allows students to explore the distribution of commute times among their classmates. Ask students to identify patterns in the data. Is it skewed or bimodal? Does the overall picture look different if you adjust the bin size?
Dot Plot: Sibling Count
This dot plot activity is a great introduction to numeric dot plots (line plots) and shows how the dot plot can support numeric values.